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Search for items, search in singular, the vast majority of items are described individually.


Photos: Due to the lighting in the store, the images can appear more yellowish than they really are and with reflections from fluorescent tubes.


Prices: Prices are unit prices


Size is given as hxbxd = height x width x depth.


​+in no means that the same item is produced with different numbers.


Excellent condition = Basicly as new (no swath unless described).

Fine condition = Minor signs of use (no swath unless described).

Nice condition = Little signs of use (no swath unless described).

Good condition = Signs of use (no swath unless described).


Regardless of the condition, there are no errors, such as chips, worn throug in silver or anything else.


Discarded silverware means that there may be a bump, a minimal notch in the silver, error in the knife blade or lack of oxidation in the silverware.


Discarded porcelain means that there are visible signs of use, but no swaths / chips.


Any defects in any item will always be described.