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Castle service, B&G

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Castle service, B&G

Castle service, B&G

Castle service, B&G

Coffee service.

12 different motifes.

Castle service porcelain, Bing & Grondahl, B&G

Excellent condition.

Original drawings by Jim Arvesen.

Frederiksborg, 1 stk.

Marselisborg, 3 stk.

Rosenborg, 2 stk

Eremitagen, 3 stk.

Egeskov, 2 stk.

Christiansborg, 2 stk.

Graasten slot, 4 stk.


DKK 75.00
In stock now: 25

Excellent condition

Original drawing by Jim Arvesen

Motiv nr 1 Amalienborg nr 3757/629

Motiv nr 2 Fredensborg nr 3758/629

Motiv nr 3 Kronborg nr 3759/629

Motiv nr 4 Marselisborg nr 3760/629

Motiv nr 5 Grasten nr 3861/629


DKK 100.00
In stock now: 6

Excellent condition.

Castle service porcelain, Saucer for coffee cup no 305, 13.5 cm, Factory first, Bing & Grondahl, B&G

DKK 25.00
In stock now: 7
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